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Bye-bye Summer, Back to Healthier Eating!

How to get your nutrition cleaned up after the summer splurge. Although we still technically have a few more more days of summer, it is dwindling down degree by degree. The boat parties on the lake are over, the all-inclusive vacations are a nice memory and the family reunions and BBQs are in the rearview

Healthy “Tricks” for Halloween | Simply Sales with Alyssa & Sarah

It’s that time of year.. the candy will be flowing everywhere you look! The kids will be bringing home ALL THE CANDY from school parades, trunk or treats, Halloween parties, and oh yeah, can’t forget the actual day of Trick or Treating. What used to be a one-day event, has now turned into a month-long

Maintaining Healthy Habits during the School Year| Simply Sales with Alyssa & Sarah

Summer life is wrapping up and the crazy school schedules are back in swing. Between sports practices, extracurriculars, curriculum nights/conferences and everything that goes with the back-to-school shenanigans, life can feel a bit crazy.   THEN comes the added stress of meal planning. Making sure that the kids have healthy lunches for school and a

What To Pack for Kids Lunch | Simply Sales With Alyssa and Sarah

What To Pack for Kid’s Lunch Boxes This School Year With the back-to-school season rapidly approaching, your attention shifts from summer fun to supplies and school lunch plans. If you are like most parents, you probably find yourself wondering what to pack for kids lunch periods that your child might actually eat. School lunches are

12 Organic Baby Finds on Amazon

Finding clean and organic products for your baby can be intimidating. As mamas of now toddlers, we went through a lot of trial and error – here our some of our favorites! 💗 BEST ORGANIC BABY LOTION The Honest Company Organic All-Purpose Balm  $11.99 SHOP NOW A blend of all of the organic goodness from the

Haakaa Breast Milk Collector – Food Grade Silicone Milk Savers

Hakaa Breast Milk Collectors 👶🏼45% off with promo code and coupon: 5V52GG3XShop HERE

Shopping Guide for Clean Produce

Have you heard of the “Dirty Dozen” and the “Clean 15”? And did you know they can change every year?! Each year the Environmental Working Group analyzes data to produce a list of fruits and veggies ranked by contaminants and pesticides! These images show 2020’s results. Dirty Dozen: Fruits and vegetables that tested positive for

How to Choose Products for Your Family

Have you heard the word “Greenwashing?” This term is coined as a deceptive marketing technique used to brand and describe products making them appear “green”, “natural”, “healthy”, or “safe”.  But in (a very sad) reality not only are these products unsafe but actually can be harmful to ourselves and our families. Many of these products

Pumping Bras: The Dairy Fairy

A friend told me about this company 2 years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter.  I was looking for nursing bras that didn’t look like some weird form of bondage that were comfortable and supportive enough to wear all day. (Yeah.. not practical and definitely not for me) Here comes The Dairy Fairy. 

Toxic School Supplies

School supplies are not being regulated for chemicals, toxins, and phthalates. With some school supplies being as high as 69x the federal limit set on children’s toys! Even low level exposure has proven to be harmful. “The chemicals have been linked to birth defects, early puberty, infertility, asthma, ADHD, obesity and diabetes.” “School supplies are supposed

Feeding Our Littles

Feeding Our Littles (and ourselves!) Have you heard of the “Dirty Dozen” and the “Clean 15”? And did you know they can change every year?! Each year the Environmental Working Group analyzes data to produce a list of fruits and veggies ranked by contaminants and pesiticides! These images show 2019’s results. Dirty Dozen: Fruits and

SnuggleMe Organic

Have you heard of the Snuggle Me? Both Sarah and I used these with our babies and loved them! Compared to the other “loungers” and the “doc a tot” this is hands down better quality. Perfect for newborn stage and on!     Have you ever shopped for “seconds” or “imperfects”? Usually these products have

Farm to Table Meals

With all of the media reports of E-coli, Listeria and even PLASTIC in our grocery store foods, I feel like I get the question, “Where do you buy your meat, etc.?” often. The answer is: Michigan Farm to Family. Our family has ordered monthly from MI Farm2Fam for the past year and a half without

Kids in the Kitchen

We’ve been talking about getting kids to help in the kitchen. I think everyone can agree that it’s important for them to know where our food comes from and how it’s prepared. However, sometimes it’s difficult to really involve them in a meaningful way that is still safe. Here are two of our favorite items