December 2023 — Simply Sales with Alyssa and Sarah

The Procrastinator’s Guide to Holiday Shopping

Hey Super Moms and Holiday Heroes! 🌟 If you’ve been rocking the “I’ll do it later” mantra and find yourself in a last-minute shopping frenzy, fear not! Welcome to the Procrastinator’s Paradise, where we’ve mastered the art of tardy gifting with style. Whether you’re knee-deep in cocoa spills or expertly navigating Lego minefields, this guide

How the Holidays are celebrated in Europe

Although the same exact holidays are celebrated in Europe, some of them are celebrated a little differently than in the USA. So how do we celebrate the year-end holidays overseas? Allow me to give you a tour through the Holiday season in Europe. In Europe December is the month of Christmas Markets Most countries in

White Elephant Gifts

White Elephant gifts are known for their humor, quirkiness, and often impractical nature. Overall, the goal is to entertain and amuse rather than to provide something of significant value. From random hilarious gifts like poo-pourri , to gift cards, to cozy blankets, here is a list of potential White Elephant gift ideas for all budgets!  Check out

Organize Your Space

Welcome to our space organization journey, where chaos meets clever solutions! As a mom, I know the struggle of balancing a bustling household while trying to maintain some order. That’s why I’ve embarked on this blog—to share practical products and for transforming cluttered spaces into havens of organization. Rolling CartThe best way to organize clutter