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Favorite Toys at 18 months

Just a few of our favorite toys now that my little guy is 18 months old. Some old favorites have stood the test of time, while some new ones have made their way in!      Green Toys Farm Playset     Animals! And the simplicity of this little barn is more than enough for

Our favorite toys at 15 months

It’s been awhile since I’ve last posted so I thought I’d tell you what we have been playing with around here.    My little guy is just about 15 months now and that means he’s been walking all over the place for about 6 weeks. (And at some point during this time a chipped front

Our little guy’s FIRST birthday

    I cannot believe it. Our little guy is ONE. No longer a baby and not quite a toddler.    Will is active! Always on the move.. not walking just yet, but crawling at top speed and CLIMBING everything and anything. He’s got serious FOMO and he keeps us on our toes.