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8 Kitchen Must-Haves You Need Creating a comfortable, convenient and enjoyable kitchen space often starts with investing in the latest kitchen must-haves. Whether you want to incorporate your kids in the kitchen or you are just trying to make daily life easier, there are convenient and versatile additions for your kitchen that you will wonder

Farm to Table Meals

With all of the media reports of E-coli, Listeria and even PLASTIC in our grocery store foods, I feel like I get the question, “Where do you buy your meat, etc.?” often. The answer is: Michigan Farm to Family. Our family has ordered monthly from MI Farm2Fam for the past year and a half without

Kids in the Kitchen

We’ve been talking about getting kids to help in the kitchen. I think everyone can agree that it’s important for them to know where our food comes from and how it’s prepared. However, sometimes it’s difficult to really involve them in a meaningful way that is still safe. Here are two of our favorite items